Best Security Flood Lights: 

What to look for in a security lights

Any light is better than no light at all, but there are a few important factors to consider when you’re shopping around for security lighting. How far from the fixture will it illuminate on your property? Should you go with LED or incandescent lighting, and what type of light works best for each area?

Motion sensor security lights are the best type of security lights for outdoors. It is an extraordinary sense of balance between energy efficiency and security. Motion sensor technology is able to sense movement in the darkness, you don’t have to keep your lights running constantly through the night, which will save you some energy costs and delay the life of your bulbs. Here are some of our recommended motion sensor security lights.

RAB Lighting STL360HB Super Stealth 360 Sensor with Twin Precision Die Cast HB101 Bullet Floods, 360 Degrees View Detection, 1000W Power, 120V, Bronze Color

This was chosen to be one of the best security lights because of its features RAB Lighting super stealth 360 sensors with twin precision die cast HB101 bullet floods pre-wired and assembled on universal CU4 EZ plate. Cost is now under $100 dollars, Accepts PAR-38 lamps, 150-watt max. Lamps not supplied. UL Listed: Suitable for wet locations. Surge Protection: Withstands up to 6000 volts. Voltage: 120 volts AC 60 Hz. Time Adjustment: 5 seconds to 12 minutes. Senses 180 degree and 360 degrees down for Total Detection. Power consumption: 1 watt. Photoelectric control: Deactivates lights during daylight. Fully adjustable for 24-hour operation or custom applications.

Switching Capacity: 8 amps, 1000 watts incandescent at 120 volts. RF immunity: Circuits fully shielded for maximum radio frequency immunity. No extra wiring needed. Advanced detection logic: Minimizes false triggers. Color matched lens: a Dark lens with bronze units, white lens with white units. Temperature compensation: Sensitivity adjusted automatically for consistent detection in hot and cold ambient temperatures. Wide sensitivity control: Adjustable from 100%to 30%. Evening Timer: Keeps lights on for 1-8 hours after dusk. Then sensor is motion activated until dawn. Scanning LEDs: 3 LEDs continually scan back-and-forth. Set it and forget it: STL360’s full coverage pattern reduces the need for aiming and adjustment. Customized press applies lens mask included to reduce coverage easily. Patents: RAB sensor and fixture designs are protected under U.S. and International Intellectual Property laws.

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