What is Internal Home Security and how exposed is your home from the outside?

The main goal of home security or alarm system is to protect your home, whether it’s from a burglar, fire, flood, or other hazards that can be monitored by your security system. However, there are many other benefits to home security systems.

outdoor security cameras
outdoor security cameras

Asked these questions

Away from home for long periods, when you’re on holiday? For example, are your curtains or blinds always shut or are there are open leaving valuables exposed?

Do your windows and doors have good durable locks?

How many lights are placed on the outside of your home? 

external camera
External camera

Do you leave some windows and doors open that are not easily accessible?

Do you leave the spare key on the outside that can be easily located or visible, such as underneath a plant pot or on the ledge on the door?

Are they any timers on your lights or are they off all the time, making it clear you’re not at home?

Are your walls and hedges hanged low, so that burglars can be easily seen?

Is access to your house noisy for anyone who tries to break-in?  For example, is there gravel around the property or is it lawn grass?

razor wire
razor wire

How secure is your porches’, patios and garage? Are they kept locked with high-quality padlocks and security locks?

Do you leave any ladders lying around that a burglar could use to climb to upper windows left open or unsecured?

What equipment do you keep in your porches’, patios and garage? How valuable are they and could it help someone to break in?

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