Ralph IfillMy name is Ralph Ifill and I am from Barbados a very small Island in the Caribbean.

I am 51 years old, single and have one son. I have been to a very good secondary school, what you would call high school.  After leaving high school I work as a Customs Broker for a small company.

I also worked as a Sales Clerk, a Sales & Service Manager at two different companies.  At the age of 32, I joined the local police force.  I have been a policeman for (17) seventeen years, and at the rank of Sergeant for 7 years.  I worked at a number of outstations and also the Human Resources Department at the Police Headquarters.

While at HR, I acquired my LLB(Hon) from Wolverhampton University in England.  I also did a number of specialized courses in Computer Programming, SQL, database programming and wrote a couple of programs for the HR Department.  I have also attended some cybercrime training with the US department in Grenada, and illicit narcotics trafficking in Columbia.

My main reason for developing this website is to assist people with securing their homes and property. The property is anything that is tangible by any means.  I have seen a lot of mistakes that people made and sometimes by just acquiring the right tools or implementing the right systems could save them from disasters like burglaries, robberies, and theft to name a few and losing thousands of dollars worth in the property.

I have interviewed many persons in relations to those crimes that are mentioned above and others. I can not start to explain the turmoil and chaos that people go through when their homes have been burglarized by an intruder.  I have also visited many crimes scene where people homes have been invaded, broken into, their property damaged or stolen and many other crimes. All of the persons that I knew that have experienced such an event feel violated in every way you can think off.

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