10 Tips to Secure Your Home

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  1. Secure your home before you leave; “Stand outside and walk around to make sure it is secure, especially your windows.” 
  2. Do not put keys under blocks or under mats; “Give that family member a key. They may collect a key and not look to see who may be watching them and then someone can find and use or find and take your key to use later.”
  3. Leave lights on inside and outside at your home. “With the stores having late opening hours do not come back to your home in total darkness.”
  4. Secure all money; “When leaving home place money in different locations – purse, pocket, shoe, etcetera. This is in case anything happens, you would not lose all.”
  5. Do not wear a lot of jewellery to go shopping; “Reduce the amount of jewellery you wear on holidays.” 
  6. When shopping in stores do not put down your purse or “rest down your purse, keys or cell phone”.
  7. Make sure you pick up your items and that you have everything you paid for in the bags; “People are paying and leaving the store without what they purchase or people are taking up an extra bag or two in the ‘mix up’.”
  8. Businesses, do not allow money to accumulate all day; “Make sure that money is transferred at random appropriate times throughout the day.” 
  9. Do not try to get an employee to carry money to deposit wrapped in a plastic bag; “Spend a little bit of security – it is an investment, it is protection for your business, staff and customers.”
  10. Set out your route for travelling to and from home. “Use roads that are as well-lit as possible and also make sure if travelling and someone is driving suspiciously behind you, do not try to rush straight home, drive to the nearest police station.” 

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